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Why travel in small groups?

The idea

Since the founding idea in 2014, AlemaPE-Tours has been geared up for small groups and authentic travel experiences. On our Peru tours you will be accompanied in small groups of up to 10 guests including the German, English and / or Spanish speaking tour guides. We already carry out these tours from 4 registrations. Small groups have many advantages that make our Peru tours a real experience. Or can you imagine having lunch with a large group of 30 other fellow travelers with a Peruvian family and have an interesting dialogue and get to know the customs, ways of life? – We neither.

Through the smaller groups you will get to know not only the local population better, but also their fellow travelers. During our Peru tours, friendly and collaborative relationships develop quickly – A journey with friends!

The 5 most important reasons why traveling in small groups is better:

            • They travel with friends
            • They are easier to talk to locals
            • Smaller country-typical accommodations are only possible
            • Your tour guide has more time for me
            • They are much more flexible on the ground than in a large group