Between Cabanaconde and Chivay is the Cross of the Condor (Cruz del Condor). The up to 3m wing span of the condor is almost predestined to use the first mild morning thermic and to circle quietly at the rim of the canyon between eight and ten o’clock. On the cross of the condor, it is usually cool and extremely draughty.

On the condor’s cross, there are various platforms from which you can watch the birds and, of course, take pictures. If the Andean condors circling slowly over the canyon, you have the opportunity to take great pictures of the birds even without professional camera equipment. Usually there are about 10 – 15 animals, if you are lucky, there may be more with young animals.

It can be quite windy on the condor’s cross. This is great for watching the condors, but it can be relatively cool. For this reason, we recommend having a light jacket with you.

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