The Túcume Museum was inaugurated in 1993. It differs from other museums in the region in that it consists mainly of cane, loam, loam and carob trees and was modeled in the style of the old chapels of the 16th century.

The museum displays archaeological collections of excavations that took place between 1989 and 1994 in Túcume. The main hall displays an important archeological collection associated with the cultures of Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca, as well as a collection of ethnographic objects, mainly ceramics, textiles and materials related to a table curanderismo. All with the aim of showing the thread of continuity between the old and the contemporary inhabitants of the place, associated with gastronomy, textiles and faith.

The museum also has the task of protecting and preserving the archaeological and cultural heritage of the Túcume district. One of the most important additional tasks of great interest is to record the oral tradition of the farmers and to reconcile them with the findings.
In this strategy, the museum promotes and develops various activities related and involving the local population in nature conservation and tourism development. To this end, it conducts conservation education activities through training workshops for craftsmen, transport service providers, restaurants, education centers and various organizations. It also promotes the creation of micro-enterprises and the acquisition of microcredit.

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