In the past, the people of Cachiche in Ica, Perú, were synonymous with witchcraft for many peruvians. Beyond the region, Ica was considered a city of witches, because there were countless women here who were said to possess supernatural powers. The locals mentioned that the witches have great powers that they use to remove the evil from the bodies and also prepare different concoctions. Today, we would certainly count this type of cure as one of the most natural and even homeopathic treatments.

It is true that Ica and Oasis Huacachina with its dunes is a distinctive island in tourism and also attracts many tourists. The remains of the village of Cachiche are still considered a symbol of secrets, beauty and stories.

In the stories, it has been known since ancient times that the most famous witch of Cachiche is the wife of Julia Hernández Chest widow of Díaz. This is how one tells a story in which, at the age of 106, she died after one of magical potions, elixirs and magic. On the spot you can see a sculpture of the witch and most of the time there are also some women there who explain this place with their children and may also be willing to give one or two “information”.

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Ica   Ica is a city in southern central Peru, twelfth among the most populous cities in Perú with about 240,000 inhabitants. In the region of Ica will mainly operate extensive agriculture and agro-export. In the valleys, which are located directly on the Pacific desert, you can first come from Lima past extensive plantations where, Read more

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