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Welcome to Peru!
Arrival at the Lima airport, assistance from one of our representatives at the airport.
Then transfer to the hotel, located in the residential district of Miraflores. Check in (3:00 pm).

Services: Overnight. (–)
Height: Lima: 154 masl



Breakfast at hotel.
Transfer to the airport to board your flight to Trujillo. Arrival, reception and transfer to the hotel to leave your luggage in custody. Immediately, visit the Sun and the Moon amazing pyramids, the center of power in the Trujillo Valley during Moche ancient times. Get impress in front of a stunning set of mud-brick friezes on the walls of the Temple of the Moon. Then visit to a traditional family that descends from Mochica people. Later visit the “Arco Iris Temple” or “Dragon ceremonial Temple”, from the Chimu culture. Drive to the seaside town of Huanchaco and watch the local fishermen on their traditional “Caballitos de Totora” or reed boats. Lunch in Huanchaco (Is not included) and then you will visit the ancient mud-brick City of Chan Chan. This place was home to 100,000 habitants who stubbornly resisted the expansion of the Inca Empire. The archaeological remains of Chan Chan, 6 km. (3.7 miles) northeast of Trujillo, are rather well preserved although built with mud bricks (“adobe”).
Return to the hotel.

Services: Overnight. (B)
Height: Trujillo: 34 masl

Trujillo - Chan Chan



Breakfast at hotel.
Departure in private vehicle to El Brujo pyramid located 34 km north of Trujillo in the Chicama Valley. Rises about 98 feet above the surrounding desert and covers an area of roughly 330 by 330 feet. It was built with tens of thousands of adobe bricks. It walls are covered with polychrome reliefs that show war motifs, its goods, animals, plants and net-fishing. Just some years ago, a well preserved tattooed mummy of a young woman, who belongs to the Moche Royalty, has been discovered deep inside El Brujo pyramid. She has been called “Señora de Cao” and she is exhibited in the Lady of Cao Museum. Continue towards the city of Chiclayo.
Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Services: Overnight. (B)
Height: Chiclayo: 27 masl

Chiclayo - Túcume - Museo de Sitio de Túcume



Breakfast at hotel.
In the morning excursion to the Túcume pyramids, an imposing 26 pyramids site of the Lambayeque culture.
Afterwards, visit the brand new Tumbas Reales Museum and discover the historical richness there.
According time transfer to the airport to board your local flight to Lima (Not included).

Services: (B)
Height: Lima: 154 masl