Have you ever thought about where the Smurfs actually live?

Did you know that the village of the Smurfs is located in Perú? Pampachiri is the home of this legendary place. In its immediate vicinity there is an unreal rock forest which, with a great view of the landscape of this region, has become an interesting destination for fans of the Smurfs who like to combine this with nature.

We have visited it for you, the small estate of the Smurfs in the middle of the Andes at an altitude of 3,362m above sea level. For the excursion here you should plan a whole day.

How do you get there?

To get to the Smurfs property, you have to expect about 3 hours drive from Andahualyas to Pampachiri. From there we continue for about another hour on an almost endless stretch of a dusty and only very slowly passable road, which actually does not deserve this name. It consists of a very uneven path with thousands of potholes.

The landscape up here looks quite unreal in some places, and the sun shines very brightly up here. So please remember to bring a hat and your sunscreen. You should remember to bring enough liquid with you, as the terrain up there offers no protection from the sun’s rays.

The rocks and right form strange silhouettes. It’s an incredible panorama, it looks unreal. Then you stop in the middle of the hills and take a footpath to the property that lies under the stone rocks. You will visit the rock formation known as "Casa de los Pitufos”; (House of the Smurfs), which resembles the mushroom-shaped houses of the comic series. Under these mushroom-shaped rock formations, about seven metres high, a family of small cottages has established itself. A kitchen, a bedroom and a small storage room are all she needs to live here.

After your stay with an extensive tour, you continue for about 25 minutes on the uneven gravel road until you arrive at the stone forest of Pampachiri. They’ll look in vain for signposts. If you are interested, we will give you a suitable guide or driver who knows the area in connection with the tour preparation.

The stone forest of Pampachiri

These conical rock formations rise up to about 5 metres and offer an overwhelming view. Over the years, the wind and rain have paved the way for these formations, giving them a variety of silhouettes, which could also be from the magma of the nearby Qarwarasu and Sotaya volcanoes.

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