The Alameda de los Incas was created with the aim of creating a zone of leisure and relaxation both for the inhabitants of Cajamarca and for the visitor.

The Qhapac Ñan complex, built next to Polideportivo Park, covers an area of approximately 30 hectares and includes a skate park and the Alameda de los Incas Amphitheater.


1150 – 1178 Manco Cápac
1178 – 1190 Sinchi Roca
1197 – 1246 Lloque Yupanqui
1246 – 1276 Mayta Cápac
1276 – 1321 Cápac Yupanqui
1321 – 1348 Inca Roca
1348 – 1378 Yahuar Huacac
1370 – 1430 Huiracocha
1430 – 1478 Pachacútec
1478 – 1488 Túpac Inca Yupanqui
1488 – 1525 Huayna Cápac
1525 – 1532 Huáscar
1532 – 1533 Atahualpa

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Cajamarca  Cajamarca is located at an altitude of 2,750 m. The city is known for its cheese and milk products in addition to its history around the last Inca. In addition, there are some of the richest silver mines of Peru in the vicinity. These mines bring the region work, but these mines are also Read more

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