The Museum Leymebamba with the Centro Mallqui is by far the best documentation center of the famous Chachapoyas culture, which stands out quite clearly from the Inca standards of the vast Andean area. In any case, the study of this northern culture with its numerous, z.T. still little explored sites a real alternative to that in the completely overcrowded Machu Picchu in the south of Peru. Especially the funeral cult and the extraordinary mummy care are honored in the museum excellently and rightly highlighted as the most important feature. Many very successful posters and of course many, z.T. very original artifacts complete the overall framework, which in contrast to many museums, the exhibition despite manageable information manageable, so not overloaded. Contributing to this is the extremely successful (exterior and) interior design of the complex with a well-kept garden, which was inaugurated in 2000 and whose establishment was significantly promoted by the Austrian Ministry of Education. A visit to this thrilling place is an absolute must for those who want to get to know and understand the Chachapoyas culture in Kuelap, Karajia or Revash. Leymebamba has several overnight accommodations and offers a stopover for an (adventurous bus) journey from Chachapoyas to Cajamarca (or shortens it at night from 16 to 12 hours), the magnificent views of and into the valley of the Rio Marañon at Balsa offers.

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ChachapoyasFoundation and history Chachapoyas was founded on 5 September 1538 by Alonso de Alvarado, a general Francisco Pizarros. The ubiquitous small black wooden balconies, the division of the streets in Cuadras, the roofs with the traditional roof tiles and the plaza adorned with benches, hedges, many flowers and a bronze fountain in the middle testify Read more

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