The stones, although inactive elements of nature, are ideal to create unique landscapes that leave you breathless. Imposing and silent rise capricious forming the glorious forests of stones that can be found in different parts of our country. Like Cumbemayo in Cajamarca or Huallay in Pasco, the department of Apurímac also has a divine rocky attraction. It is the stone forest of Pampachiri, which originated three million years ago due to the accumulation of volcanic material in the area.

The conical formations rise 10 meters creating an extraordinary landscape. The wind and rain have eroded them over the years giving them different silhouettes. If you want something more adventure, from there you can start the walk to the lagoon of Roqrosqa at an hour and a half. The forest is one hour from the town of Pampachiri, located three hours from the city of Andahuaylas. From Lima the route is much longer but full of adventures and beautiful places to visit, as Maud Gurunlian tells us in the new Buen Viaje video.

There are 14 hours of travel through the inter-oceanic highway. On the route there are two unmissable stops: a viewpoint to appreciate the Nazca Lines and the Pampa Galeras Reserve up close, where you can take pictures of the protected vicuñas that live there.

In the middle of the hillside, I make a first stop to visit what I thought was the forest rocks, which is known as “The house of the Smurfs”, which is a rock formation that resembles those mushroom-shaped houses of a television series; but as the Chipana smurf says, that is how the man who comes out to meet me is identified, this place is known as Ayamach’ay (the cave of the dead).

The afternoon reaches its zenith, the last rays shine and dim the lens of my camera. It would be necessary to describe a lot, but the hurry: at most it allows me to take some photos against the light, to perceive the sheep and alpacas that graze around, the dogs that play in the pampa, the children that enter and leave from the inside of their cabins, the smoke that exhales the stove that prepares the afternoon snack, the mixture of modernity and tradition that is described among the properties of the only inhabitants of this clouds who extend their hands asking for a tip before retiring.

We continue climbing up the mountain, with excitement at the top and adrenaline invading every corner of my veins, through that small trail that I already described and that only an expert driver can follow. We dodge stones, holes, speed bumps. It is an indescribable whole.

Already when the afternoon threatened to cover these places with their black mantle, I am left alone in the middle of the pampas and the cold, with hardly any time to perceive the immobile stones of the “Forest of stones” of the hill Pancula. I walk through the middle of the pampa to the South, to the hills that surround the forest of stones from where you can see the impressive landscape that begins to wear black. But there was no better time to be here, the last rays of the sun coloring the hundreds of rocks that remain motionless in their places. It is an incredible panorama, an unreal landscape only perceived in our imagination. The rocks carved by the weather, the rain, the sun, the cold of the river, and the wind cover an area of ​​approximately 60 hectares.

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