The pass is on the way between Cusco and Puno at 4335 m. When we passed the last time here in January 2017, we had a wonderful view and it was also quite cold, but we noticed nothing thanks to our just recently bought in Chinchero Alpaca sweaters. The wind whistled here quite well and it was at this time of year not even one of the otherwise countless traders to be found. This certainly looks very different in August, because then you can not usually save yourself from offers and intrusive dealer women. So what do you do: Take some nice pictures and then head towards Puno.

Not only we keep here, but also the partners with their buses from cusco to Puno and vice versa also.


Whatever your feeling at this altitude makes it really slow. Even if you spend most of our time in the Andean region at the higher altitudes like we do, you do not get used to the low-oxygen air that quickly. Jogging is definitely out of the question, so one step at a time.

Headache, dizziness and / or shortness of breath have usually been too fast. The Sorojchi Pills from Crespal can certainly help you, but have this clarified once before the trip during a conversation with your family doctor.

Another natural home remedy of the Peruvians is the Mate de Coca or Coca-tea. Get a thermos with cup for the tour and make your coca tea (also called mate de coca or infusión) with fresh leaves that are really fresh on the spot. But there are also dried leaves. We are always doing great.

The leaves can be chewed, but as far as it was and never, that we had to do this in this form, moreover, it should really be no special enjoyment.

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Puno  Puno is the capital of the Puno region with about 125,000 inhabitants and is located at 3,800 meters above sea level on the shores of Lake Titicaca in southern Peru. The city was founded on November 4, 1688 by the viceroy Pedro Fernández Castro Andrade, the Conde de Lemos. With Puno, most people associate Read more


Cusco   The ancient Andean capital Cuzco is the historic center of the Inca empire and thus an ideal place to visit the numerous Inca sites in the area. In order to get an overview, we will start with a visit to the beautiful and picturesque city center of Cuzco with its historic center, the Read more

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