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AlemaPE-Tours Team
Who is AlemaPE-Tours?

Company name

AlemaPE-Tours S.A.C.


Karl-Heinz Dibke / Cesar Lara


Calle Ramon Castilla 442
PERU – 07036 Callao


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Founding year



Travel consulting, tour operator and travel agent in Peru.


Why AlemaPE-Tours?

          • AlemaPE-Tours is an innovative tour operator in Peru.
          • Our agency was founded in 2017. Since then, we have built a company that offers extensive services to all its customers throughout Peru, including: Individual and group travel, nature and adventure travel and incentives.
          • Our claim is to offer our customers the best possible service.
          • We help you with travel planning, organization and logistics to show you the beauties of nature in the most beautiful regions of Peru.
          • Thanks to our experienced team and our good business connections with local service providers, we can offer attractive value for money.
          • We pay attention to a smooth organization, qualified and approved guides and of course to a respectful approach to nature.
          • High flexibility allows us to build the programs to your specific needs.


AlemaPE-Tours Team

          • We stand for top performance.
          • AlemaPE-Tours is a predominantly German-Peruvian travel company in Lima and Stuttgart.
          • Our competent employees have experience in traveling within Peru and can therefore advise you comprehensively.
          • In Peru we are one of the few travel consultants who specialize mainly in the Spanish-speaking and especially in the Peruvian and German-speaking markets.
          • In our offices in Lima and Stuttgart, we employ experts in tourism, computers and administration.



Karl-Heinz Dibke

          • The owner of AlemaPE-Tours.
          • He was born in Germany and knows the country Peru after many years traveling from all sides.
          • He is responsible for the technical side of the company and the quality control.

Cesar Lara

          • Co-Managing Director of AlemaPE-Tours.
          • His responsibilities include system security and privacy.

Rafael Ueno

          • Regional Manager.
          • Support and management assistance.
          • Establish and manage strategic alliances with local suppliers.

Samanta Lara de Dibke

          • Management Assistant – Product Management Individual Travels.
          • Travel designer, has many years of experience in tourism in Peru, especially in the field of individual travel and incentive programs.
          • She always surprises with new ideas and has always a good compilation ready for implementation for honeymoons or similar offers.


How does AlemaPE-Tours work?

Personal care

          • AlemaPE-Tours is in constant contact during your stay in Peru.
          • This contact is made either through personal visits and / or telephone conversations.
          • You have a contact person who will assist you during your trip and can be reached at any time.


          • AlemaPE-Tours offers advice and support in German, Spanish and English in all offices.

Quick answers

          • We reply within 24 to 48 hours.

Individual travel iterinaries

          • AlemaPE-Tours offers tailor-made personalized travel itineraries. We know how important it is to respond to your personal wishes in order to ensure an unforgettable holiday.

Special ways to travel

          • On request we organize your complete round trip according to your requirements.
          • Our diverse travel offer also makes it possible to connect individual travel modules with each other and to combine all offered travel destinations.
          • Through our many years of experience traveling through Peru, we can put together daily travel sections for you, for example when driving with a rental car can complete without getting travel or travel stress. This will allow you to take a lot more impressions of the diversity of Peru on the itinerary that you, e.g. normally would not see at night bus trips.
          • With your own vehicle you can very flexibly stop there and look at you wherever you want.
          • A coach company will not be able to do this in this way!

Quality control

          • AlemaPE-Tours tries to do tours and excursions as much as possible.
          • Throughout Peru, we only work with selected service providers who meet our requirements.
          • We know what we sell – we constantly review our service providers, i. We visit hotels, lodges etc. personally and go on tours we offer.


          • We always try to get feedback from you to improve our services.



          • We envision an unforgettable relationship with each of our actions. AlemaPE-Tours will always respond to the needs of our customers and partners and respond with the highest level of excellence in human processes and technology to ensure customer satisfaction.


          • Our goal is to simplify and rationalize the concept of travel. With our service standards, we strive to meet the expectations of our customers and thus provide the best and most affordable holiday experience. We commit to establishing our brand identity with confidence and honor in the minds of our clients with professionalism and service quality.

AlemaPE-Tours Team