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Our tour guides

Local guides

As our tour guides live in the regions they show you, they can explain the historical context. We work almost exclusively with local tour guides. They will accompany you through the streets of Lima, Cusco, Arequipa or other places as well as easily and help you to talk to the locals – and always with a smile on your face.

Note: Due to legal regulations, it is required to change the guide in different parts of Peru. You will not have the assistance from the same tour guide during the whole tour.

Why do we travel with a local guide?

Really get to know the locals

A local tour guide is more than just a guide – he is your key to getting in touch with the locals. Whether you want to chat with the village baker in Oropesa or negotiate with a saleswoman in Chinchero about buying a wool or Artesanales offered by her, our guides will help you to talk to the locals.

Learn what it means to be a local

Our guides are real locals – they know the stories behind every square in the city, the usual shortcuts through the old streets and the tastiest restaurants with the tastiest traditional dishes that you will not find on any tourist map. With many stories and tips, you will soon feel like an adopted local.

Discover the hidden cultural highlights

You do not want to miss the essential destinations? Our local guides will of course show you the sun temple Coricancha in Cusco, the historic center of Lima with the cathedral and the Palaccio Gobierno. But when the tourists get back on the bus and leave, your guide takes you through a hidden alley and shows you the best local restaurant that most tourists would not find alone.

Find enough ideas for leisure activities

You would like to explore a city at your own pace? No problem, from yummy Cuy in Saylla to temple ruins in Raqshi, our tour guides and guides always have good suggestions and tips on designing your free time at any destination – and will be happy to help you with the organization.

It could not be easier to get from one place to another

Our guides will make sure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible – you book bus and plane tickets to take you from one destination to the next, reserve your table in the restaurant, organize museum entry and take care of technical details. First and foremost, they give you peace of mind, so you need less time and no time schedules. This gives you more time to enjoy the fantastic views.