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Cookie Policy

Here we explain everything about cookies

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What is the purpose of a cookie?

Cookies are very useful and perform several tasks that make your use of websites easier and more enjoyable. It could be said that websites use cookies to “remember” you: they help them remember which subpages they visited and what choices they made.

On a website that remembers you, you can move much easier and faster than one who knows nothing about you. That’s why most of the websites you know use cookies.

What is included in a cookie?

A cookie is a simple data collection in the form of a very small text file. Each cookie is unique and consists of the name of the webpage that created it, as well as a unique string of numbers and letters.

The vast majority of websites and apps place cookies on your device’s hard drive (computer, mobile phone, or tablet) while you use them. This is done via your web browser – for example Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari or Mozilla Firefox, etc. A cookie can only be read and retrieved by the website that created it; Websites can never exchange information with each other through cookies.

Some cookies only last for the duration of your visit. Such “session cookies” disappear from your computer or mobile phone as soon as you close your browser. Other cookies remain on your computer or mobile device after you have closed your browser and are stored there for a certain period of time. These “persistent cookies” are activated each time you visit the website from which they were created.

What is not included in a cookie?

The following data is NOT included in cookies:

  • Personal information – You can not be personally identified by a Cookie.
  • Program code – Unlike a computer virus, a cookie is not code, which means it will not be able to harm your device.

Are cookies dangerous?


Cookies are small, simple strings in the form of text files. They are not computer programs. They do not store personal information about you. You can not spread computer viruses. Cookies can not harm your device and do not pose a threat to your privacy.

Does AlemaPE-Tours sell cookie data to third parties?

Since its inception, AlemaPE-Tours has been dedicated to opening the world to Peru travelers. One of the principles of our work has always been to put our users at the center. For this reason, we have never sold user data to third parties and will never do so. Of course, this also applies to data in connection with our cookies. If you want to know more, you can read our privacy policy.

Does AlemaPE-Tours use cookies to raise prices in search results?

In short: no.

AlemaPE-Tours never uses your cookies or IP address for prices for hostels, hotels, travel packages. Artificially raise tour offers and round trips.

AlemaPE-Tours is committed to transparency. This was one of our basic principles at the time of our foundation and forms the basis for everything we do today. We want to show you the possibilities you have, no matter if it is about the best price or the best selection. Since we do not sell anything ourselves, we will never raise the prices in your search results.

How does AlemaPE-Tours use cookies?

If you use one of our websites or apps, the following four categories of cookies can be stored on your device:

Urgently required

You need these cookies to navigate our website and our apps and to use their features. Without these cookies, our services would not work properly.


  • AlemaPE-Tours must use cookies in order to forward them to the providers of cheap and attractive hotel offers or tour offers.

Such cookies do not store any information from you that may be used for marketing purposes or record which web pages you have visited.


These cookies allow our websites and apps to save your choices and preferences. This allows us to offer you better and more personal functions.


  • We will give you the dates, departure and destination that you used on your last tour search so you do not have to re-enter this information; We also ensure that the language and currency of your choice are used whenever you visit us from the same device.

Such cookies may also be used to save changes made to the text size, fonts and other browser-customizable aspects of our web pages.

These cookies do not collect any data that personally identifies you. You do not collect any information from you that may be used for promotional purposes or record which websites you have visited.


To ensure that AlemaPE-Tours remains user-friendly, relevant and up-to-date, we use web analytics services that help us understand how visitors use our websites and apps.


  • We can improve the design of our website because we have studied how visitors like you have moved on it.

Web analytics data and cookies can not be used to identify you as they contain no personal information. They are used exclusively for our internal statistics.

We usually use independent measurement and research companies to collect such statistics for us. In such cases, these cookies may be sent to a third party (third party cookies).

Determination of target groups

We also use cookies for targeted advertising. Such cookies are used to show you ads with hotel rates and tour offers that we think you may be interested in. You may see this advertisement when using websites outside of AlemaPE-Tours. We use tailor-made advertising campaigns with relevant content as we want to inspire you and enable you to book the perfect trip.


  • You’ll see an ad on another website that shows you tour prices for a destination you’ve recently searched for AlemaPE-Tours.

Although these cookies can record which websites you visit, you can not identify them. These cookies do not collect any sensitive personal information about you.

We also include links to social networks like Facebook. These websites may then use information about your visit to an AlemaPE Tours website to show you targeted advertising.

How do I manage cookies?

There are several ways to manage your cookies. For more information on how to manage cookies in the browser of your choice, visit the help page of your browser.

In most browsers you can:

  • See which cookies are present or set on your device and delete them individually
  • Reject cookies from third parties
  • Reject cookies from certain websites
  • Generally reject cookies
  • Delete all cookies when closing the browser

Please remember that any changes you make to your cookie settings apply to all web pages you visit, not just to AlemaPE-Tours (unless you specifically block cookies from a particular webpage).