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No plastics

Machu Picchu without Plastics

The good news of the day is that from this 18th of December the taking of non-reusable plastics into our miracle of the world is forbidden.

Often the impressive power of Machu Picchu can make us forget the everyday; but what we must not forget is the protection of this wonderful, cultural heritage of humanity. And the first step is to reduce as much as possible the garbage that accumulates daily in the Inca citadel. For this purpose, the standard for the reduction of disposable plastic has come into force, which promotes the responsible use of plastic in state institutions.

The measure adopted on 5 November is intended to alert visitors to the damage caused by plastic waste in our environment, especially in places and in places of high tourism, such as protected areas and tourist attractions in Peru, which of course includes the fascinating Inca Citadel counts. In addition, this measure will contribute to the preservation of the ecosystems and biodiversity of those areas of unsurpassed natural wealth.

Useful tips for reducing plastic consumption

  • Replace one-way bottles with a flask.
  • Use a good backpack: not only is it more comfortable than a bag, it also has a larger volume.
  • If you do not like to wear backpacks, you can also use a handbag or cloth bags.
  • Store your food in reusable packaging.

The use of less plastic is very simple and also has an extremely positive impact on the environment. It is up to each one of us to maintain the wonderful cultural heritage of Peru in good condition and to leave future generations a legitimate witness to world history.

Source: peru.travel (German)