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Carhuaz is a town in the Ancash Region. It is about 34 km away from Huaraz, at 2,688 msnm. The temperature average is from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. Near this city are the hot springs of Monterrey and the airport of Anta are located.

The name derives from qarwash which means yellow, that is the color of the retama flowers (broom flowers) that covers the hills that are contiguous to the city.

From the main square, the snow-capped mountain Wallqan (6,126 m) is discerned. This mountain is known as the second Waskaran. The city keeps on having still a Hispanic and colonial style, keeping its old houses.

The zone, located in the right margin of the Santa river, has a moderate and agreeable climate. It also has abundant agricultural products, especially fragrant fruits. In the surroundings, there are propitious places for hunting tarukas, partridges and viscachas, as well as for fishing trout.

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