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Kuelap-Seilbahn ist wieder in Betrieb

Kuelap cable cars start operating again today for the benefit of tourists

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sanchez, welcomed the fact that today, Tuesday, July 5, the Kuelap cable cars will restart operations, as confirmed by the consortium that manages this infrastructure. This is great news for tourists who wish to visit the Monumental Archaeological Zone of Kuelap, located in the Amazon region.

This is complemented by the government’s authorization to allow free entry to the surroundings of the Kuélap Archaeological Complex to national and foreign visitors residing in Peru, which will be effective until October 31, 2022.

In addition, with the initiative “Visit Kuélap in a different way” of the Ministry of Culture (Mincul), it seeks to boost tourism in the area, which was affected by the temporary closure of this important tourist attraction.

“In a coordinated manner, we have been working to recover the economy of tourism service providers and families near this important attraction. I would also like to remind you that a new access route has been opened to allow visitors to enter the surroundings of the Kuelap Archaeological Complex,” said Minister Sanchez.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the new route starts at the tourist stop, continues the tour through the natural environment surrounding the Kuelap Fortress and ends at the replica of an ancient Chachapoyas house.

As it is recalled, the Kuelap Fortress is still closed due to the collapse of a section of the South Wall that occurred last April. It should be noted that the recovery work continues by the Ministry of Culture.

The Kuelap Archaeological Complex is an architectural jewel built by the Chachapoyas culture, inhabitants of ancient Peru, which stands out for the perfection of its finishes, as well as for the monumental size of its buildings and the complexity of its access; located in the province of Luya, one of the seven provinces that make up the Amazon region.

It is accessed from the city of Chachapoyas by paved road to the district of Tingo Nuevo. From there you can take a vehicle to travel the 37 kilometers for an hour and a half or walk 9.3 kilometers, which takes between three and six hours, depending on the pace of the hike. In addition, you can use the cable car system that reduces the stretch from Tingo Nuevo to the Kuelap Monumental Archaeological Zone in twenty minutes.

The start of the tour is at the tourist stop of La Malca. The stop has an interpretation center, ticket office, handicraft sales, rest areas, muleteer service and restrooms.

In 2021, approximately 59,613 tourists visited the Kuelap Monumental Archaeological Zone, of which 58,212 were national visitors and 1,401 were foreigners.

Source: gob.pe – Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism