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Weather, climate and seasons

First of all, for Peru, there is no such thing as a “best time to travel”

Due to the special climatic conditions Peru can be well traveled throughout the year. However, there is the dry season from April to October, in which the Andes regions have a lot of sun and little rainfall and also a lot of blue sky is to be expected.

Due to the different topographical conditions (for example, over 6,000 meters high Andes in contrast to sea level), the climate characteristics are very different. For example, while it is summertime on the coast in January, this is the wettest time for the highlands. Accordingly, Peru is a year-round travel destination and the temperatures range from cool to hot. Basically, the higher you go, the cooler the temperature. Therefore, we point out our fellow travelers on our tour planning on this fact and also recommend appropriate clothing, they can be changed again depending on the time of day (onion technique).