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Overseas Health Insurance

Long term insurances

The annual travel health insurance or a foreign health insurance is one of the really necessary travel insurance, as it covers your existential risk and, especially with longer trips or even more trips throughout the year, there is insufficient protection from a normal statutory health insurance from Germany.

How long does such a foreign health insurance apply?

The different insurance policies have very different tariff models, but they are somewhat similar. With the HanseMerkur you can conclude a foreign health insurance for a single one-time stay abroad (this then only for this limited period). But it does not really pay off, especially if you want to go on holiday somewhere abroad every year.

As soon as you want to be away several times a year – and that for up to a maximum of six to eight weeks – then you can sign up for a cheap annual travel health insurance with HanseMerkur (usually costs about ten to twenty euros). The advantage is that if you do not cancel the insurance, it automatically renews for another year. These are in some ways the most important cornerstones of an annual travel health insurance:

Would you like to travel longer, for example because you have enough time as a pensioner, then a conventional health insurance will not be enough and you have to pay much more. The tariffs of the insurers differ depending on the age of the insured person. It is also crucial if you want to visit the USA and / or Canada for a while. The significant differences are due to the high treatment costs in North America.

The foreign health insurance is required because the statutory health insurance in the non-European foreign countries provides almost no or no benefits. Without appropriate long-term health insurance abroad, the medical emergency can quickly lead to financial ruin.

Our tip

In addition to a long-term foreign health insurance, which is sometimes concluded with a deductible to save costs, even a normal annual travel health insurance, it often. For example, if you have a credit card with you for free, you should check in the event of a claim in the first six weeks of your vacation whether one of the two insurers has no excess and then settle the damage.

Although most insurance companies carry a repatriation, but while many providers pay for the return transport only when there is a medical necessity, there are others who already bear the costs if it makes medical sense.

The Hanse Merkur long-term foreign health insurance


We have already researched this for ourselves often. With the tariff jungle it is absolutely necessary to compare prices and achievements in the Internet according to own requirements. The Stiftung Warentest also repeatedly tests the most diverse providers of long-term foreign health insurance. According to Stiftung Warentest, the long-term foreign health insurance of the Hanse Merkur is well secured.

For info here the link to the overview of the various offers of HanseMerkur and a link to the HanseMerkur, which is especially interesting for long-term travelers.

Enviva’s health insurance


Again, we have examined the various tariffs according to the above points. Envias foreign health insurance is mainly recommended for travel up to 90 days.

Here for info the link to Envivas.