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Trujillo - Huaca de la luna

Huaca de la Luna reopened

Huaca de la Luna reopened its doors to tourism with strict sanitary protocol

After several months of being paralyzed by the pandemic, the Huacas de Moche Archaeological Project of the National University of Trujillo (UNT) resumed its activities, complying with the health standards established by the central government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Thanks to this, the famous Huaca de la Luna and the Santiago Uceda Castillo Museum (Moche countryside) reopened their doors to national and foreign tourists who arrive in the city of Trujillo. The visits will be from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., previous reservation by phone: 971492924.

The reopening of the Huacas de Moche Archaeological Project, located in the region of La Libertad, took place yesterday morning at the museum’s headquarters. The ceremony was attended by the academic vice-rector of UNT, Juan Villacorta Vásquez, representing the rector Carlos Vásquez Boyer.

The director of the mentioned archaeological project, Ricardo Morales Gamarra; the president of the Patronato Huacas del Valle Moche, Alfredo Pinillos Ganoza, among other local authorities, also participated.