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Why CINCO PASOS? – Or what do the 5 steps stand for?

5pasos - We design your vacations in 5 stepsCINCO PASOS means 5 steps in Spanish

The five basic steps for travelers in general are:

  1. How do I get there?
  2. What can you do here?
  3. What is special about food in this region?
  4. Where can I sleep well and cheaply?
  5. Which keepsakes can I take to my memory?

Based on these 5 steps, all holiday and travel models are created by AlemaPE-Tours.

We spare no effort in exploring and developing the travel destinations and travel offers contained here on this website and have all explored and tested them ourselves. As a result, we know the locations very well and can give you specific travel tips from our own travel experiences.

We want your holiday to be an unforgettable experience.