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Who are the people behind the team?

AlemaPE-Tours is a mainly family-owned German-Peruvian travel company in Lima and Callao. Our competent employees have experience in travelling within Peru and therefore we can advise you comprehensively. We are one of a few travel consultants in Peru who are mainly specialized in the Spanish and German-speaking markets.

Since 2014 we have been offering travel advice with a focus on Peru.

On request we organize your complete round trip according to your requirements. Our wide range of travel options also make it possible to combine individual travel components with each other and in this case we can combine all of our offered destinations. In advance to our long term experience in traveling within Peru, we can put together specific daily itineraries for you, which you can complete, for example, when travelling with a rental car, without getting any travel stresses. Also for these reasons you can take a lot more impressions about the diversity of Peru on the way to your destinations. You would not be able see as mch when you travel your on long distance trips by bus, which usually take place at night.

AlemaPE-Tours - Team y Destinos