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Which medication should I take with me / First Aid Kit?

For every trip you make, take a small first-aid kit. The basic equipment should look something like this: Personally required medicines and remedies for travel problems, painkillers and headache tablets, remedies for stomach and intestinal diseases (such as Imodium / Renni) insect repellent, sunscreen and lip protection, plasters and gauze bandages.
In Peru you can also get a lot, unfortunately, with the foreign medicines for foreigners is never guaranteed that the drugs also affect our bodies, but this does not mean that in Peru bad drugs are traded. Rather, the body of a European is generally conditioned by nutrition, hygiene and medications already received quite differently than that of the Peruvian population. You can get medicines in many places in Peru. The pharmacies are called “Botika”, “MiPharma” or simply “Pharmacia”.