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Speisen in Peru

What to eat in Peru? Is there any speciality?

Various types of potatoes, corn, bananas, beans, rice, avocados and tomatoes are typical. In the rainforest also Yuca (in Africa this root is called manioc and is usually offered in Germany under this name, ie a root that resembles the potato of consistency and also a bit of taste). Everything arranged very clearly and mostly easy to recognize. Usually there is chicken, turkey or various meats, usually pork or beef, although the specialty in the Andes is the “Cuy”, a specially bred kind of guinea pig.

The food is not spicy, provided you leave the red sauce (Rocoto or Crema Rocoto), which is often in one of the saucer (usually 4 pieces). At the same time, he should rather forego unusual palates on “Aji”, which can be spicy or very spicy, depending on the type of cooking. Fantastic is the selection of fruits, which are also increasingly available in Germany to buy, but in Peru taste incomparably delicious and are also much larger. You can eat mangoes, papayas and pineapple directly, but the juices made from these fruits are also delicious.

In no case one should do without tasting the country-typical food. Ceviche is a special dish that can be found almost everywhere in Peru. It is made from raw fish, onions, aji and lime juice.

Of course there are “Platos tipicos” in each region, which means as much as typical dishes. We wish you on a gourmet trip the best impressions and a lot of fun with the fascinating enjoyment of the Peruvian cuisine, which also holds its entry into Germany for some time.