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What is a travel insurance?

With your booking confirmation you will receive your original travel insurance certificate from us. The travel insurance for package travel assures your deposits and final payments before a bankruptcy of the tour operator. This means that in the event of bankruptcy by AlemaPE-Tours, you can be guaranteed by a bill that all payments already made will be returned to you by the bankruptcy insurer. In addition, if you are on your South American journey, you would not have to pay the return flight out of pocket. But do not worry, you will not need the security certificate! Since 1994 tour operators in Germany are required by law to take out a bankruptcy insurance and issue a travel insurance for package tours to their customers. This is regulated in § 651k BGB. The security certificate does not oblige the tour operator to provide organizational assistance, e.g. in the organization of the return. Costs for accommodation and return flight will be refunded by the insolvency insurance company upon presentation of a security certificate, booking confirmation, proof of payments made to the organizer and receipts of own expenses. On the security certificate, the address and telephone number of the insurance company are to be specified for inquiries. The insurance company is obliged to provide information about whether the organizer actually pays the sum insured and the insurance certificate is therefore valid. You should keep it together with the other documents. Attention: The travel insurance is not a cancellation insurance! This must be completed privately and additionally. Cancellation insurance covers most of the cancellation fees (usually a deductible of between 10% to 20% of the cancellation costs has to be borne by the customer) if you have to cancel your trip due to illness or other very important reasons prior to departure.