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Turismo Responsable

Responsible and conscientious tourism

For AlemaPE-Tours, it means we work so often and so much with the local people. For your cooperation and participation, e.g. in cooking programs and other craft programs, they are rewarded at a decent and reasonable price.

Therefore, the travel modules, tours and round trips provided by us always have special contents, in which we offer the opportunity to exchange views with the local population and you get to know each other more deeply. It is also always important for us to show you the traditions and craftsmanship. Here is the direct and thus more intensive meeting with our friends, partners, guides and tour guides for improved getting to know each other.

Through these targeted measures, we work with you to improve the daily living conditions of the local population and provide you with unprecedented insights into the traditions and customs of the Peruvian people. Exactly this is one of the important reasons why we prefer the individual tours we have planned for you and thus do not occur with a mass tourism offer. Furthermore, together with you, it is very important for us to build your journey in such a way that you take back lasting memories and travel with us once again through Peru