Is it really cheaper with AlemaPE-Tours?

About AlemaPE-Tours you have the guarantee to buy your trip from a reputable expert at a direct price, without middlemen. Compared to an organized tour of a tour operator you pay a lower price than a conventional tour operator. You can also get quotes from other local agencies and compare prices. But please note that quality also has its price. We recommend that you be careful when choosing your travel provider. We have already visited all the local agencies and hostel / hotel providers that AlemaPE-Tours works with and have seen with their own eyes what awaits us there. The satisfaction of 95% of all travelers confirms the quality of our partners and our preparatory plans.

Why are your trips so cheap?

There are several reasons for this. For one thing, we do not work with travel agencies in all our offers, but also have some of our own travel components in our programs. This eliminates commission payments, which we therefore do not have to take into account. Furthermore, we do not print elaborate catalogs for a lot of money. What you need for information about the trips can be found on our homepage. You are welcome to call us if you have any questions. Another important price factor is that we have our local office in Peru. This allows us to offer you high quality products at a fair price.