How does AlemaPE-Tours deserve this?

We see ourselves as a service provider and consultant, comparable to a carpool or travel consultant. However, we not only offer you a ride-in / coach service for tours in Perú, we also set up intricately planned fascinating routes with a multitude of sights.

AlemaPE-Tours is provided by the agencies working with us and other partners around a tour for the service provided, i. E. Increase in customer volume, training of local travel experts paid. This commission does not raise the final price, the agencies and travel partners are obliged to offer the travel at a direct price.

For pure travel advice, we charge a consulting fee depending on the effort and scope of the documents to be developed. This can range from the free distribution of various brochures, to a fully elaborated itinerary, which includes all accommodation with booking destinations and also includes destinations with accurate information on travel times. Also we can offer you assistance with the hotel / hostal selection and help with foreign bookings (mostly in Soleskonten) as a pleasant relief for your travel planning.

As we have many years of travel experience in Peru, you can rely on up-to-date knowledge as we have visited the destinations many times ourselves and our network of scouts and friendly travel agencies are all committed to sustainable tourism.


All own tours are carried out on own account of each tour participant. The prices, which we determine in the run-up to a tour planning, are expected cost variables with which a participant can calculate. Price changes may be possible at any time due to local circumstances. Through our local knowledge, we only provide travel companions, tour information and route planning. The tour program can be made very flexible. Of the already existing plans may deviate at any time and, for example. can also be flexibly supplemented if there is a desire. On weather changes and other seasonal circumstances and other disturbances caused by local influences can react flexibly in the planned course of a tour if something like this is to be expected.