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How about tips in restaurants etc.?

The information that we can give you regarding the granting of tips are guidelines and, of course, depend on your satisfaction and the perceived quality of the corresponding services. Whether and how much tip you want to give depends entirely on you.

For private tours a maximum of 5 soles day / person for the tour guide and 5 soles per day / person for the chauffeur are usual. A guide who is also your chauffeur should therefore receive between 10 soles a day and a person with a satisfactory performance. For group trips the chauffeur receives about 2 to 5 soles per day and passenger, the guide also.

Taxi drivers do not expect a tip. The fare must be negotiated before departure.

While high-end luxury restaurants usually include a service fee, good middle-class restaurants usually give around 10 percent of the price as a tip. And one more thing, in restaurants in Peru, it is common for ONE person to settle the bill and no split bills are issued. Prepare your joint calculation as appropriate. in the smaller restaurants it is customary to have 1 to 2 soles for table service or hand over to the waitress.