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Does private travel offer benefits?

Enjoy Peru in a very individual way: A trip with a private guide through Peru offers especially exclusive and intense insights into a country and unique encounters with its people. Since we know most of the local conditions better, you can assume that unpleasant surprises are avoided as far as possible.

In the individually developed offers, we attach great importance to the sustainability of the journey. Our partners in hostels and hotels are carefully selected; We try to avoid the big chains and hotel castles and prefer family-run hostels or private accommodation with local families.

Private guided tours through Peru can be exclusive and expensive; do not have to! We follow your budget. Let us convince you with an offer from us.

A good guideline for an individual trip in Peru at the moment is an amount of 180-200 Euro per person per day for 2 participants and about 150 Euro for 4 participants. This includes guided tours (including fee and food and accommodation costs).

Vehicle costs (including petrol, toll, insurance, etc.) are based on the desired duration and distance, which should be covered on such a individually planned route and can only be determined after planning the route. We help you to adapt these routes according to the seasons and expected weather conditions.

Overnight stays with breakfast in middle class hotels (3 ***). or in a hostal we expect an average of 20 euros per person per night in addition. If you prefer luxurious accommodations (such as haciendas, boutique hotels, etc.) you should pay another 50-100 euros per person per day.

Since it is customary in Peru, the local people pay less admission and the prices are quite often adapt, the entrance fees are part of the tour planning. Thus, it is also ensured that we can arrange tours not only for tourists, but also for Peruvians / and no one is over-favored by a package price.

We will create a tour plan for your Peru trip individually tailored.

Experience unadulterated insights, get to know the country and people in direct contact and enjoy your individual care by us as your direct travel companion!