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Código ESNNA

In compliance with Supreme Decree No. 005-2020-MINCETUR, which approves the Regulations for Travel and Tourism Agencies, AlemaPE-Tours has signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (ESNNA). In this way, we ratify our code of organizational ethics and firmly reject, denounce, and condemn any practice related to sexual abuse and exploitation of minors in Peru and the rest of the world.

The ESNNA programme and our commitment

This program in policy for social development and protection of vulnerable populations is a broad and complex initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

It consists of sensitizing and training the entire sector in our country with the aim of preventing and eventually eliminating the sexual exploitation of minors. Recently we have obtained the CALTUR Certification – Level 2, also from Mincetur, and we are aligned with the most demanding government regulations for optimal tourism quality.

Specifically in the case of authorized and certified tourism agencies such as AlemaPE-Tours, the ESNNA program requests adherence to a Code of Conduct, which is signed with the Mincetur. It requires the company to disclose this initiative, its rules and objectives. Likewise, that adequate training of personnel and suppliers is carried out. Of course, the company commits itself to work following all the requirements of the Code.

Unfortunately, child trafficking is a major problem in Peru, but it is being combated. Through the implementation of ethically responsible tourism, AlemaPE-Tours brings development, economic activity and improvement of the standard of living in the destinations we visit. In that line, our commitment with the ESNNA program also generates that we help to reduce and eradicate the sexual exploitation of minors.

Concrete Actions – ESNNA Code and AlemaPE-Tours

Adherence to the Code of Conduct of the ESNNA programme commits us to constantly implement a series of actions that are carried out and reinforced as part of the activities.

  • Our office staff, as well as the logistics staff (guides, cooks, drivers, loaders) are already properly trained to contribute to the Code of Conduct. The tourist, whether national or foreign, is not offered in any way nor is any request regarding sex tourism with children or adolescents granted, for both ethical and legal reasons.
  • Along the same lines, we act together with our partners (hotels, restaurants, etc. and all their staff) to ensure that the objectives and commitments of the ESNNA program are met in all sectors and stages of the tourism services we provide.
  • All of us at AlemaPE-Tours and also the partners in our operations have the commitment to enforce the ENNSA Code of Conduct and report to the authorities when necessary.
  • As an addition to the commitment to a policy of social responsibility in AlemaPE-Tours, we contribute to the welfare of children in our country, bringing income on a constant basis to families in our destinations and also supporting children on special occasions, such as Christmas for children in Chaypa, a remote community in the heights of the Andes of Cusco. Also, we have for our passengers a guide to travel with children to Cusco and finally, an illustrative article about traveling to Machu Picchu as a family with children and teenagers.

The actions of the ESNNA code and AlemaPE-Tours stand out and have priority within our policies of social responsibility. We seek to make tourism an activity that leaves only benefits for the region and the country, according to the mission, vision and corporate values. For more information, you can review the article about the Responsible Tourism Commitment. Read also more reasons to choose AlemaPE-Tours as your travel agency.

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Código ESNNA