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Coronavirus prevention protocols checked at Cusco airport

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vasquez, arrived yesterday in the city of Cusco to coordinate and inspect, along with authorities of the region, the implementation of prevention protocols against coronavirus in various public entities such as schools, hospitals and passenger terminals.

Together with the regional governor of Cusco, Jean Paul Benavente, the head of Mincetur toured the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport where he verified the correct placement of information panels on the Covid-19 and the conditions of the toilets: that they have water, soap and paper.

He also met with more than two hundred officials, professionals and tour operators from the public and private sector in the region, which took place at the headquarters of the Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur) in Cusco.

Minister Vasquez said that during his visit to various locations in the region, he verified that there is a correct supply of water, soap and toilet paper and gave a message of tranquility to the people of Cusco. “The government, through the Ministry of Health, is carrying out the pertinent actions. There is coordinated work between the Executive and the authorities of the region,” he said.

It should be noted that last Monday, regional governor Jean Paul Benavente held a meeting with various authorities and representatives of public and private institutions in Cusco, in order to socialize the actions of prevention and response to the coronavirus.

During the meeting, important agreements were reached, including strengthening control and prevention at the Velasco Astete airport and the land terminal, arrival and departure of national and foreign tourists.

In this regard, it was arranged the formation of a group of brigadiers and the assembly of modules of attention in both terminals of passengers, with the participation of corresponding authorities in a term of 24 hours, function that will be in charge of the Regional Direction of Health of the Regional Government of Cusco.

In addition, an outreach campaign to raise awareness of the population in the care, control and prevention of not contracting the coronavirus, reaching the most remote population for a good orientation and guidance to tourists visiting the region. The initiative will be led by Dircetur Cusco.

Source: Turiweb