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Cajamarca - Cuarto del Rescate

Congress Commission promotes restoration of the Cuarto del Rescate in Cajamarca

The members of the Congressional Committee on Foreign Trade and Tourism approved the bill “Promotion of Tourism and Recognition of the Heritage of the Atahualpa Cuarto del Rescate in Cajamarca”, which seeks to highlight the recognition of the intercultural approach that should prevail in relation to tourism projects in that region of the country.

“The purpose is to promote the restoration of the Atahualpa Cuarto del Rescate, as well as its continuous care and insertion in the tourist circuit of the area. Also promote the use of Quechua Cañaris as one of the official languages for guided tours in the city,” said the parliamentary group.

On the other hand, at the request of legislator Raúl Machaca, the Foreign Trade and Tourism Commission urged the Executive to declare an economic emergency in the Tacna region, which has been affected by the closure of the southern border due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, which caused the fall of all trade and tourism.

The parliamentary group, chaired by Edward Zárate Antón, said that this situation is worsening because Chile, the country with which it borders the Tacna region, is maintaining its closure measures due to the pandemic until next September. “The level of unemployment is alarming,” said Congressman Machaca Mamani, promoter of the initiative.

Source: Turiweb