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Deposits, payments and reservations information

First of all, the most important

We work out your travel wishes from Peru! We can help you to set travel times to help you find the right flight connections, you must book the flights alone.
The arrival date of the flight and the return date are the binding dates that we need to plan your individual trip.

Step 1 – Tell us about your travel plans!

If you like a trip or a travel component on our website and / or you would like to have it customized or extended, then tell us about your travel plans. Here you have the following options:

Step 2 – We will create a personalized offer for you and book your trip for 5 working days without obligation

After you have informed us of your wishes, and we have discussed all the necessary details (such as travel dates, room categories, additional programs, etc.), you will receive an offer in PDF format by e-mail.

At the same time we reserve the travel / travel components for 5 working days without obligation.

Step 3 – Make your trip real

You like our offer(s) and would you like to book your trip now?

In the next step, we ask you to fill out our booking form with details of the reservation number(s) (which we will inform you in the second step of the proposal). Together with the booking form, the customer data form (in which you provide us with your data such as passport, address data, date of birth (also for all fellow travelers) must be filled out.

Please note: Only if booking form and customer data form are completed, we can book the trip for you.

Step 4 – Travel provisions & Particial payment

After you have received the completed booking form and your customer data, we will send you by post the travel price protection certificates, the booking confirmation and the down payment invoice (20% of the travel price) to you as our customer.

If your trip starts within 30 days of booking, we will charge you the full fare.

Step 5 – Final payment

30 days before departure we will send you the invoice for the final payment (80% of the travel price).

Step 6 – Travel documents

After we have received your final payment, you will receive a link to your digital travel folder with a personal username & personal travel number 14 days before departure.

You can then find all your travel documents below the link we send you (detailed itinerary, hotel list, etc.).

You can then save all your travel documents with you and use them on your trip, even when you’re offline.

A short note on our own behalf:
We complete your travel documents constantly and it often happens in South America that we have your travel documents only 2-3 days before departure complete. We always include the details of our partners on site as soon as possible. You can then follow the change directly.