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With our wide selection of popular destinations and tours in Perú, we can certainly make your holiday successful. Check all that you do not miss your chance for a perfect holiday in Perú.  All our destinations, tours and tours have a detailed itinerary and they all have one thing in common: Have fun and […]


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5pasos - We design your vacations in 5 steps

What means CINCO PASOS? Cinco pasos means 5 steps in Spanish. The five basic steps for travelers in general are: How do I get there? What can you do here? What is special about food in this region? Where can I sleep well and cheaply? Which keepsakes can I take to my memory? Based on […]


July 2017 New Visitor Regulation for Machu Picchu

Besucherregulation Machu Picchu

Visitors to Machu Picchu, Peru’s world-famous ruin site, expect a new regulation of the high-traffic attraction’s stay from 1 July 2017. In order to prevent overcrowding of the World Heritage Site in the afternoons, the authorities grant admission in a two-shift system. If you want to visit the high-altitude Inca city, then you have two […]