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Virtual tours of national museums exceed one million visits

The Ministry of Culture reported that the number of people who visited the museums on its online platform exceeded one million. Of this number, an average of 400,000 visits corresponded to the period of the National State of Emergency decreed by the government, said Claudia Pereyra, head of the General Directorate of Museums.

The ‘Virtual Visit’ website features 21 digitized museums throughout 14 regions of the country, as well as 3D pieces and audio guides that visitors can access from their cell phones, computers and tablets.

In this context, the virtual tours allow us to continue learning about our valuable and diverse cultural heritage.


The Ministry of Culture manages 56 museums throughout Peru, 21 of which have virtual tours. These are:

  • In Lima: Pachacamac Site Museum, Peruvian Culture Museum, Italian Art Museum, Huallamarca Site Museum, National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru, José Carlos Mariátegui House Museum, Arturo Jiménez Borja Site Museum, “Puruchuco”.
  • In Ica: Julio C. Tello Site Museum and Adolfo Bermúdez Jenkins Regional Museum, Tacna, “Las Peañas” Regional History Museum and Site Museum, La Libertad, Chan Chan Site Museum, Áncash, Chavín National Museum.
  • In Cusco: Manuel Chávez Ballón Site Museum in Machupicchu, Puno, Pukara Lithic Museum, Ayacucho, “Hipólito Unanue” Regional Historical Museum, Tumbes, Cabeza de Vaca Site Museum.
  • In San Martin: San Martin Departmental Museum, Huancavelica, Daniel Hernandez Morillo Regional Museum, Cajamarca, Belen Monumental Complex and in Huanuco the Kotosh Archaeological Complex.

For more information, visit the website: https://visitavirtual.cultura.pe/

Source: Turiweb